Saturday, May 8, 2010

Springtime Harvest

I found this piece of purple cabbage stem that I had thrown in the weeds last fall. It has made a little cabbage head and is sprouting on the leaf scars. I potted it up and will see what happens?

This area was a place I had been throwing weed slash for the past few years. I was looking at it and realized my raspberries had sent runners into it and sent up 21 new canes. I tied them to some fennel stalks with some pieces of old t-shirt. I added rocks to make a border and a few sword ferns and snowberry, which grows as companions to the wild black raspberry in the woods. I will add in some fringecup and violet(also woodland companions).

This area shows a few different things going on. The tarp which is pulled back, was put over the Sacred Corn Patch last year after I had chopped weeds off with a hoe to prep it for planting. The Sacred Corn Patch is My Husband's Sacred Piece of Ground for Corn, I'm not allowed to do anything with it, ha--except keep it weed free of course! But he didn't plant the corn so I covered it with the tarp to keep it clear for this year. You can see it's nice clean dirt under there, and the weed clumps have composted. It used to be very weedy with that tall clumpy grass you can see, as well as thistles.

I'm cutting down the weeds and throwing the slash on a new bed I'm making. The brown patch of dirt is where I pulled up an old small door that I used to cover last year's slash pile, which is now nice compost and ready to plant. The slashed weeds will be mulch, and eventually more compost. Again, the cover of the door killed that nasty thick clumpy huge grass, which is very hard to dig up. Easier just to smother it. I plan to plant cabbages there, and eventually a small apple tree. A green table grape is growing on the fence above.

Before I plant in this bed I'll pull back the mulch and add a layer of duffy dirt from the woods to bring in more good bugs and seeds and fungus to make happy whole soil.

I'm experimenting with potatoes this year, since my bag of potatoes forgotten on the counter sprouted so vigorously. There is a potato in each cat food bag, and I'll add dirt as they grow and unroll the cat food bag. The bottom of the bag is still sewn shut with a paper strip, which will rot off pretty soon, the left of the potatoes is a row of peas coming up. I figure the potato bags will be just about full by the time the peas are done, so I'll gently scoot them next to the pea support so they wont' fall over. When it's time to harvest the spuds, I'll just pull the bag UP since the bottom will be undone. That's the plan anyway! The branch is laid on top to keep the cats from pooping in the bags.

and lastly, a haiku that came to mind in the doing of it all...

vultures, black angles
silently boomerang, slow
under a thundered sky

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