Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scrounged Garden Dec

Aw, I had so many outdoor plans for today, but the winds kicked up and I don't want to be taken out by a flying widower-maker. So I'll share a few of my projects.
I collect rocks from wherever(which apparently there's a bill in Congress which would make this illegal) because I love geology and they make pretty good souvenirs. Eventually they find their way into some doo dad. The bowly rock above came from the east side of Mt Hood where we ride motorcycles, the round white rocks came from Lake Wenatchee in WA. In the summer I'll put some water in the bowl-rock for butterflies. I saw the first swallowtail a few weeks ago!
I made a trellis in the garden, this year I'll grow some scarlet runner beans on it. Again, scrounged oak branches(the size of small trees) and sticks picked up in the woods. I haven't wired the top together yet, but it seems pretty solid(it survived the 50mph+ winds today) and I like the idea of adding or taking away sticks.

A work in progress next to the house. I'm not sure how I'll finish it off yet. I got the rocks free from a lady who was ripping out half her pond. I took those toothy rocks from the first picture to make the sunflower/sun/maybe a sundial(some installations are temporary, ha!). I think I'll get some creeping thyme (creeping time?). The violets and dovefoot geranium will be allowed to stay when they creep in there. I'm not putting down any sand or crushed gravel like I'm supposed to(no money--unless I find some for free). I started sorting the pebbles Andrew Goldworthy-style in case I get an idea.

The things I wanted to do today:
Pick up rotten logs in the woods to lay in the new garden beds a la "hugelkultur"
Ride my dirtbike.
Start work on a new trail(actually it's cleaning up a deer trail).
Transplant two Oregon Myrtles from the woods to the garden. Also Fringecup, Oregon Iris and Lemon Balm. And stuff.
Clear my head by listening to the wind in the trees and nothing else--that's what I needed to do the most.

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Kristine said...

I like rocks too. I collect them from the beaches here.

You've done some neat stuff with your garden. Makes me feel like I'm slacking off with mine.