Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice 2007

For the past handful of years I've been trying to take a picture of the sundown on the Soltice, and it seems like since I've been paying attention, the sky is clear enough to mark where the sun falls on the horizon. I couldn't "get" the warm orange in the sky, and started messing around with the photo editing buttons, exaggerating, abstracting, and I think I "got" the feelings I felt--the warm fire in the belly sort...that all is well, a new year has begun. Today is really what I think of when the new year starts. And actually the sun will set in the same spot for the next few days, the earth can't turn on a dime. Though I suppose for its size, it does!
I started looking at the reflections of the orange in the potholes in the road...and actually got to thinking my potholes are pretty, nicely rounded, smooth mirrors of the sky, still holding light as the land loses its own light. Potholes are generally cursed, but sometimes you find some mighty interesting things inside, like one day I saw a junco in every pothole on down the road, each one of them taking a bath.
Merry Christmas!!!


Larry said...

Wonderful photos, Celeste, and a Merry Christmas to you, too!

burning silo said...

Lovely photos, Celeste. A belated merry Christmas to you, and best wishes for the new year.