Monday, December 31, 2007

My Christmas Miracle!

Snow in Oregon on Christmas Day. The night before the local news gave something 3% chance of snow on Christmas in the Portland area. We are a ways out of town, and higher up, so we have a bigger chance, but it was still pretty cool.
I took a little walk and got this pic of a circluar rainbow in the mist--and there's three of them, co-centrically! Never seen that before, and I also saw it with my naked eye, so it's not a trick of the camera lens. Happy Holidays!!!!


Walter Jeffries said...

I'll send you a bit of our snow. The drifts are over 10' high where I plow it up for the kids to build snow forts and jump their sleds & boards. Theoretically the reason for plowing is to clear the driveway for driving but we all know the real reason for making those monster piles of snow... :)

You mentioned on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog about snake eating pigs. I've heard that pigs are immune to rattler venom. I've seen our pigs, and our dogs, suck up snakes like they were spaghetti. The only snakes we normally see around here are the non-poisonous varieties.

Happy New Years,


Larry said...

One of those Right Place at the Right Time shots -- nice one, Celeste, I've never seen concentric circulatr rainbows!