Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Town

Last Saturday me, my sister and dad enjoyed our county's "Art Harvest Studio Tour". Most of the artists live in the country too, or further out in the woods so it's a fun driving tour too. I was glad to see the redneck element got their art in too--one sign in a tiny town was "altered" to say "Fart Harvest Stud Tour". Woo!

So I come down off the mountain...

We have coffee at Cornerstone Coffee Roasters. I liked the brass texture on the side of the old(still used) coffee roaster, burlap bags full of coffee beans from Columbia, Sumatra, and Africa line the floor.

The old main street is still there with all the old buildings full of shops and restarants and businesses. The trees lining the streets are on fire. Here is the corner of McMenamin's Hotel Oregon. It's always been a hotel, since the beginning, now full of photos of the town and hotel from when photography was new-fangled. Great fries and an awesome Terminator Stout milkshake!

Just a crumbling corner of a building. My town is one of the first in Oregon, and still retains the original layout and old buildings in the center grid. The town seems to work to preserve the old buildings and history, rather than replacing them with modern stuff. Our first stop for the art tour was an artist/bookmaker who lives upstairs in one of these old buildings. Her home was the masonic "gentleman's club", and includes an old speakeasy(with original bulletholes), a ballroom(yet to be restored) and a basement with a Chinese laundry(also yet to be restored) just as it was left a hundred years ago. She restored the club to it's original art deco decor and woodwork.

Of course there's WalMart and Starbucks and Lowe's on the outskirts of town, but I feel lucky to live in(well, near) a town that values its unique history and seeks to preserve it.

Next I'll post some art pix!


Cicero Sings said...

There's a cottage industry near Harrison B.C. where the man roasts his own coffee in antique roasters ... and very good coffee it is too. We get our beans from him. His wife makes pottery.

The road down the mountain looks like it was leading you on ... a pleasant looking drive.

It is great that your town is bent on preserving the old buildings. Good on them!

Larry said...

Nice photos, Celeste! I particularly liked the blue brick corner, just the sort of detail I look for here in Hannibal.