Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Summer Album, Part 2--Bouquets

"Wild Things--You Make My Heart Sing!!"
Chives, Oregon Iris, Fringecup, Lady's Mantle, Fennel, Batchelor Buttons,
Mountain Arnica(yellow), Fringecup(lime) with lilacs and bluebells.
Lady's Mantle, Chives, Fennel, Batchelor Buttons, and Fringecup.
Nootka Rose, Honesuckle, Columbine, Camas, Fringecup, Dandelion, Wild Parsley, Monkeyflower, Menzie's Larkspur.


Larry said...

Hey, Celeste, I'm glad to see that you are posting again! I enjoyed your flower photos!

wyldthang said...

Hi Larry thanks for stopping by! When the kids were home for the summer, I had a hard time getting to the computer ;0)

burning silo said...

Those bouquets are wonderful. Gorgeous colours!

cyndy said...

Stunning the pallet...just beautiful!