Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Summer Album, Part 1 Garden Flowers

Hello Again!!
What a busy summer! Lots of knitting work, most for a book I'm part of that will come out next summer. We did some remodeling on the house(new paint, tile and vanity in a bathroom that started with a leaky pipe fitting, and chopping the garage in half to make a bedroom for the kids, which in turn made the family room truly a family room and allowed me to make my yarn lair in a corner of it).

There is a particular spot on the horizon where as the sun sets, it shines through the flowers in the veggie garden at just the right angle--probably just because its shooting through the right spot between trees and bushes. The mallow, the daylilies, the fireweed(yes I grow fireweed on purpose in my flower beds--I can't help it, it's MAGENTA!)

I wish I had flocks of Bouncing Bette, I'm letting it grow where it wants to. I love the intensely burning red-violet, this flower seems to glow on its own.


burning silo said...

Sounds like you've had a very busy summer! I know all about those house projects that start out as something small and gradually transform into something large. I'm working on one right now (the front porch).
Lovely flowers. Isn't it neat to have a patch of flowers that are illuminated by the sun in a certain way?

cyndy said...

Beautiful photo's!
You caught the light just right!

...my living room with the yarn lair in the corner has turned into a yarn lair with the living room in the corner...;-)

wyldthang said...

Hi Bev! I love porches--I hope you make it all pretty and post a pic for us!!

Hi Cyndy! You're too funny! I'm so glad to have my yarn back in the house where I can get to it. It was living in the garage(yuk), covered with old sheets so the boxes wouldn't get dirty or, uh, angry kitty locked in the garage peed on! That's too much information...

Trailhead said...

I love that you grow fireweed on purpose. It's lovely!