Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fly, Dragon!

A few days ago this dragonfly flew into our house. My son caught it and since it played dead, he thought if it really as dead the next morning he'd take it to his biology teacher, since they're studying bugs. The next morning I could see it moving a toe, very faintly. So I put it on the porch rail in the sun to see if it would warm up and take off. It did(happily).

I think it is a Blue Darner, very sturdy. I was taken with its colors--turquoise, burgundy, espresso, avacado, teal. The same colors I'm using in a sweater I'm making for myself.
Being able to get a real close look at this dragonfly, I can see where people got the idea for fairies. And maybe where they got the idea for helicopters.


burning silo said...

That's a real beauty. I'm not sure which species of Darner though as I'm not that familiar with those in the PNW. Here, we get mostly Canada Darner (Aeshna canadensis) at this time of the year. Neat how your sweater and the dragonfly share the same colours!

Jerry said...

Lovely! I believe this is a "Blue Eyed Darner, Aeshna multicolor.

Trailhead said...

Your helicopter observation is quite apt!

cyndy said...

Lovely inspiration!

The light this time of year makes everything come alive!

Larry said...

Great post, Celeste, with its connection of arthropod colors with your knitting color choices!