Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cape Kiwanda Rock Love

Ah summer, when the kids are home, and Mom can't even look sideways at the computer. So she gets up reaaaaallllly early and snags it. And I've been playing outside all day too.

Here are a few more pix from Cape Kiwanda. I love geology and rocks. Since I was there at midday with a big sun, there were lots of shadows and cracks and crevices and the whole history of the beach written there on the walls and "floor". I have fun taking pictures of geology for its graphic qualities, finding the pleasing abstract lines and shapes and balance.

These black rocks above make up a whole beach to the south at Yaquina Head(a really great tide pool place, plus lots of birds and grumpy sea lions). It was fun to see what the camera would do with this extreme lighting mishmash, above. Picture if you will, five 10 year old boys directly below the edge of the pic, poking the barnacles and mussels with sticks and shoving and pushing...very Lord of the Flies. And me standing in the middle stretching up to get my shot, ha! I just love the ribbon of shadow through this crack/miniature dry riverbed, almost Japanese garden-y.

(can you tell I like the vertical frame?!)

Weeta tagged me for a meme, so I will go ponder!


cyndy said...

Really nice pictures, Celeste!

Worth getting up reaaallly early for! Ah, the things we mothers do for our solitude....

Five 10 year old boys you say? It is a wonder they didn't take their flint along and start a fire somewhere! Seriously, how did you concentrate on getting such lovely photographs -whilst in the company of that crew?

Bpaul said...

Knowing you are in the presence of 5 10-year-old boys makes me want to have you check in every couple days just so we know you haven't been eaten.



wyldthang said...

Hee hee, the boys were not mine, the beach was full of 7th graders and a lot of other families with the gaggle of ten year-old-ish boys in the hole. I just waded in to take my photo ;0). I would rather have five ten-year-old boys than five girls, though!!