Monday, June 11, 2007

My Ebony Brown Slippers("There's No Place Like Home")

Or...shoe fetish day...Got me some new REI Spirit III backpacking boots(forget Manolo whatsit!). Had fun going twice to REI to try on boots and have three people tell me what I wanted(make the voices stop!!), and two REI salespeople give me opposing opinions--oops I mean "product knowledge and expertise". But I prevailed and bagged this pair. Since color is very important to me, I am pleased with the French Roast coffee brown. These boots are really made by Raichle, and being myself a designer ever endeavoring to produce my own well made, well put-together product, I drooled over the simple practical lines, the rubber bumpers fore and aft, the nice hardly any stitching with no hanging chads, the sturdy feel that says "Mexico to Canada". As opposed to cush and flash and doodaddy labeltags and cheep.

My previous pair were a pair of Hi-Tec light hiker types, waterproof (not Gore-tex) mostly leather, which I put about a 1000 miles on till the soles were bald(that is the point I am allowed to buy new boots and yes I kept track). They aren't uncomfortable, but they felt thin as moccasins and I rolled on top of the gravel like walking on marbles. I was happy with them, and they're just starting to peel apart at the seams. Good for garden shoes.

So yesterday I put 8 miles on the new boots. My feet were only a little sore from the new-boot-stiffness, but no blisters or any complaints at all(cuz my feet are tough enough ;0)). I ended the day stretching my hamstrings by picking a pint+ of my awesome organic Oregon mountain-grown strawberries...

Today I put 10 miles on the new boots, with my "workout" pack of 25# of rice. My right foot got a tad numb, but I changed to my thinner wonderful favorite army surplus cotton/wool gun show bargain 3$ socks and feet were happy again. I know it's not the recommended way to break in boots, but I wanted to know, if say I happened to be in the Sierras on the PCT and needed a new pair, could I slap em on straight out of the box and keep on truckin'. Yes!

I'll report back on how many miles it takes to "break them in". Just in case you want to know;0).

More Roethke(kinda what I think of when I'm walking)--

The Manifestation

Many arrivals make us live: the tree becoming
Green, a bird tipping the topmost bough,
A seed pushing itself beyond itself,
The mole making its way through the darkest ground,
The worm, intrepid scholar of the soil--
Do these anologies perplex? A sky with clouds
The motion of the moon, and waves at play,
A sea wind pausing in a summer tree.

What does what it should do needs nothing more.
The body moves, though slowly, toward desire.
We come to something without knowing why.

(If I click my heels together will I be whisked to Mount Rainier? Mount Olympus? Mount Baker? Mt Adams? South Sister?)


Trailhead said...

Are you planning a thru-hike? Because then I might have to scream in anguished jealousy, and that would probably wake a lot of people up just now.

For about four months I've been writing a post about how I need new boots. But if I finish it, it means I need to do it, and I'm not sure I'm ready. I'm sort of attached to my Asolo 535s that have taken me over so many miles.

Bpaul said...

Can't seem to get away from Vasque Sundowners myself. Weird food shape (flat and wide) means not much feels right. Just bought my second pair (first pair lasted 13 years or so) a couple years ago. They're comfy as ever.

Bpaul said...

Wow, Freudian slip? "Weird fooT shape, FOOT FOOT... sheesh, wish you could edit comments.

wyldthang said...
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wyldthang said...
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burning silo said...

Those look great. You look ready to roam! (-:

cyndy said...

Hey!! They look great!! May you have many happy miles together ;-)

Lovely poem, sigh...

wyldthang said...

Hi trailhead--yes, I wish!

Hi bp--I think freudian slips are fun! Hmmm wide, flat food=pancakes, pizza, steak...

Burning silo and cindy--;o) I'm a walkin' fool!

Larry said...

A walkin' fool, eh? An endangered species around here, but the rewards are great. Like your new shoes!