Monday, June 18, 2007

Cape Kiwanda

Today we went on my son's "Getting Out of Seventh Grade WooHoo Field Trip" to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast, which is directly west of our house by about 25 or so crow miles. Or about an hour and a half by school-bus-filled-with-seventh-graders-and-an-ear-plugged-bus-driver-swaying-round-curves-on-two-wheels. (ha! it wasn't that bad!)

A big dune backs up the eroding sandstone Cape. Hubby said it was about 300' tall, but then he only got halfway up. I got all the way to the top(yes I was wearing my new hiking boots!). This picture shows the angle of the climb--and it was steeper for the first two-thirds. I figure I really climbed another halfway's worth at least since each step slides backwards through the sand almost to your step-taking-starting-off point. That grey pointy rock down by the water is Haystack Rock, the landmark of the area. Lots of seabirds nest there. And looking at my pic now I see it's not level(my poop-edness), and it's even steeper than it looks.

Anyways, I have a new appreciation for those bedouins in the Sahara trekking those dunes! Although they don't have to dodge out of control seventh graders jumping and tumbling down the hill...

Here I'm at the top looking south. It was fun to see how the waves curl to hit the beach. See the teeny people! In the lower right hand corner you can see where the rocks begin for the tide pools.
And here I'm looking north towards Cape Lookout, where the field trip people are Not Allowed To Go. My older son swears that when he was on his seventh grade trip he found a pirate cave down there and was almost perilously trapped and drowned in the cave by incoming waves. I was on that field trip, dang, why didn't he show me??!!
More pix to follow!


cyndy said...

The photos are beautiful! A spectacular coastline!

The big dune is awesome! The coast of New Jersey used to have some large sand dunes until the WPA leveled them (after the New Deal) to make park they are paying the price with man made jetties etc., to try to keep the sea out!

The coastline sands always shift, they are a thing of beauty! Thanks for taking us along on your Field TriP!

wyldthang said...

hey cyndy! ha, it's always a losing battle with the ocean. maybe someday those dunes will grow again. The sand here can travel as much as 20 miles a day. It's neat too, that the entire Oregon coast is a "public beach" ;0)--the way it should be!