Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wildflower Rainbow

There is such a variety of wildflower colors TODAY, and I decided to pick some and arrange them in a rainbow. And, by chance or by golly, I happened to read this little story in a book I am reading A Touch of Oregon, by Ralph Friedman--really, I'm not making this up ;0)!
"...I asked him(Bob Ogle)to tell his favorite legend.
"This one", he proceeded, "is from the Teton Sioux and it's how rainbows came about."
"The fall was approaching and flowers were talking to each other. They said that it didn't seem fair that when the Indian died he went to the Happy Hunting Grounds. And the other flowers said, 'We just live for a short time and die and we're gone.' And the Great Spirit heard them and didn't think it was fair either, so he created a place for the flowers to go when they die. And when they go up in the sky they form the rainbow that you see after all of the storms."
From left to right:
Mariposa Lily, Nootka Rose, Red Columbine, Honeysuckle, Hairy Cat's Ear, Monkeyflower, Ox Eye Daisy, Pacific Hemlock-Parsley, Camas, Menzie's Larkspur and Oregon Iris.
And remember, Oregon Iris, Iris tenax or"rainbow holding fast"--it's not by chance it's on the end!


Wolfdancer32266 said...

Wonderful story :)

Trailhead said...

I think I love that photo. No, I know I do.