Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yesterday's Walk

The BigLeaf Maple is dangling its flowers. They're edible, I tried one--sweet, then grassy, nice texture and crunch in the mouth. The leaves are emerging and unfolding like butterflies. I was so happy I could get the leafy green glow with the blue sky.
A rare beauty, the Chocolate Lily(no I didn't taste this one). Fritillaria (checkered) affinis (related) or anceolata. Other names include Checker Lily, Mission Bells. Their bulbs have rice shaped bulblets, which native americans would steam or boil. The deer seem to like nipping off the tips, along with the bracken fern fiddleheads.
Here's a relative of the grocery store cyclamen--Shooting Star, Dodecatheon(twelve gods) pulchellum(beautiful). It likes the dry open woods of the oak savannah, as does the Chocolate Lily. It does transplant well. I love their colors--magenta, burgundy and pale yellow.
I can't help it, I have to say this plant is absolutely beautiful backlit by the setting sun...
It's poison oak!


Larry said...

You are lucky to have a native Fritillaria; it is one of my favorite genera. Dodecathion is another of my favorites; our local species is Dodecathion Meadia.

As always, I enjoy your photos and look forward to seeing more of them!

wyldthang said...

Hi Larry! There are about 7 Chocolate Lilies around here that I've found. They have a hard time keeing their heads, the deer nip them right off. I'm looking forward to seeing my flowers' cousind in your neck of the woods!

matt_stansberry said...

I've seen those big leaf maple flowers lately. I'm going to try one next time I see them.