Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring Firsts

An update of firsts from the past two weeks. I am at 960', about 30 miles inland as the crow flies. In the first mile and a half down to the pavement it drops about 500'. Flowers and leafing trees there are appearing about 1 week before they do here. Kinda interesting what a difference 500' makes in Spring's schedule.
The First Oregon Iris of 2007!

The tallest(and so maybe the FIRST?) Bracken Fern frond. They have the same curve and head tilt-wave and long eyelashes as giraffes on the savannah(at least to me...). The deer have been nipping their heads off.
Dew drops on spider web-mesh.

The FIRST Fawn Lily! The petals droop and curl with the humidity.

The "Little Pink Flower"--the second flower of Spring(after violets). I have NO idea what this is, I can't find it in my shelf of field guides(really).

The FIRST Spring Beauty. Tasty in salad, FULL of vitamin C. Succulent!


Larry said...

Hi, Celeste! Nice photos! The fern shot is a gem; I love photographing fiddleheads, perhaps because I'm a fiddler.

What's a fawn lily? I'm guessing it may be a species of Erythronium, like our Trout Lily. Does it have dappled or spotted leaves?

wyldthang said...

Hi! yes, the Fawn Lily has dappled leaves, with burgundy wine long dapples. Here in the PNW they're related to Avalanche Lily(I guess it's the higher altitude version)which is paler yellow to white. There is also a Pink Fawn Lily that is supposed to grow along the coast, and a brighter yellow Glacier Lily, all Erythronium like you said. I'll post more pix when there's more of them out. ;0) Celeste

eva said...

Your little pink plant is probably related to this:

If you would like help learning plants by families, which then makes it easier to figure out exactly whats what try "Botany in a Day" (