Saturday, April 7, 2007

NPSO Walk in Airport Park, McMinnville

Today I went on a "Lichen and Lilies" walk with the local Cheahmill chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon in Airport Park(next to the armory by the Mac airport). We learned about the basic forms of lichens, what makes them different from moss, and were introduced to a few common lichen species. A nice bundle of lilies were dicovered as well. The weather was purely Oregon Spring--fine mist, pale shadows, tree drip and a nice downpour.

The park has a nice collection of mossy(and crustose lichen-y) water fountains scattered along the 2-mile loop trail.
Many of the Western Trilliums were already turning an elderly pink.
The trail crosses a creek lined with lacy Lady Ferns.
One of a nice patch of Pink Fawn Lilies.
And last, a cryptic message carved in a beautiful old four-boled Madrone, "I DO". Very Thoreauvian, I thought--"I do hug trees, I do kneel in the mud, I do welcome rain, I do breathe green".


Larry said...

Lichens are one of my favorite photo subjects.

The fountain certainly supports lush and profuse colonies of moss and lichens! It looks very Oregon-ish!

wyldthang said...

Hi Larry, I like lichens too, they're very textural in many different ways. I didn't take any pix of lichens on the walk 1) because going of path was frowned upon, and 2)I have nice beefy specimens here at home, and I am allowed to go off path and even squirm through the dirt to get a good look ;0).

burning silo said...

Lovely photos. I like the "I do" and your interpretation of it! (-:

cyndy said...

i do too!