Sunday, April 1, 2007

Home, Where My Music's Playin

Today was full of cold sunshine and shifting winds--clean fresh air I could breathe deep into. I played outside all day, taking my walk(8 miles--I needed to go for a long time), gathering rocks for the edging around my new firepit, starting a fire, walking the dog, picking flowers, sitting by the fire admiring my new firepit, and watching the turkey vultures soar. All my chosen activities on this sun-day of rest. And my head is blown clear of pavement, advertising, California-bling and all the insomniacal(is that a word?)weariness it inspired.
I took this photo while walking the dog after supper. The clouds were doing amazing things, one moment looking dark and stormy, the next brilliantly pure and cheery when the sun broke through the "glory holes", sending rays down on the forest.
All I could think of was how thankful I am to see these things, to live within them.


Larry said...

Some nice photos lately, Celeste! Coming home always helps one re-appreciate the familiar, doesn't it?

wyldthang said...

Sure does!! I'm always very thankful to come home!!