Thursday, April 26, 2007

BioBltz 2007--Fungus Among Us

Eye candy comes first...
Little Japanese Umbrella

I don't know what this one is. I found them lining a very old rotted fir stump, between the bark and what was left of the wood. I jammed the camera down into it, and clicked away. I really like this pic, makes me think of octopus.

Grown-up Panther Amanita(the psycho-delic-probable-death-inducing-while-mutant-mosquitoes-suck-your-blood-mushroom, so innocent-looking...)

Newborn Panther Amanita

Oak Blossom (my made-up name)

(Spock's) Bladder Cup

Witch’s Butter (Tremella mesenterica) dead fir
Mazegill (Daedaea quercina) oak stumps
Golden Gumdrop (my name) (Dacrymyces deliquescens) dead fir twigs
Bladder Cup (Peziza vesiculosa) soil
Little Japanese Umbrella (Coprinus plicatilis) soil
Oak-meal Paste(my name) (Phellinus punctatus) dead oak
Clustered Oak Bonnet (Mycena inclinata)dead oak
Panther Amanita (Amanita pantherina) soil, with firs
Ink Cap (Coprinus sp) soil
Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) dead fir, oak
Oak Blossom Fungus(my name)(Stereum hirsutum) dead oak
Unknown Little Orange Cap--photo above, on rotten fir
Little Brown Mushrooms
Tiny Grey Mushrooms

Mushrooms I’ve found other times:
*Russula, soil, with firs
*Bolete, soil
*Suillus, soil
*Blue-Green Slime Head (Stropharia cyanea), dead oak
*Yellow Morel (Morchella esculenta) soil
*Lemon Disc (Bisporella Citrina) dead oak
*Splash Cup (Crucibulum leave/Cyanthus olla), soil, cedar post
*The Goblet (Pseudoclitocybe cyanthiformis), live oak
*Giant Club (Clavariadelphus pistilaris), soil
*Little Pink Mushrooms

NOTE--Blogspot is being superslow the past few days uploading pix(it could be my computer), so it's taking me a few days to get my BioBlitz posts done with the pix. I have two more planned--Ferns, Moss, Lichens, Liverworts and Creepy Crawly/Walky/Flyers, just so ya know!


burning silo said...

Wow! Great shots of some beautiful fungi! I love the little umbrellas. The Amanita is mighty impressive too! Looking forward to seeing the mosses, ferns and lichens and all of your insects when you have time to get the posts together.

Bpaul said...

Awesome photos. I'm a total fungophile, especially edibles but enjoy seeing all the others as well. Nice work, glad I found this blog.


Larry said...

I've been enjoying your BioBlitz posts, Celeste. Great fungus shots!

Trailhead said...

These are fantastic. I love the umbrellas.

Logan said...

I have to go to the pharmacy to buy viagra, but I will use the trip to buy some of the largest fungi.