Sunday, April 29, 2007

BioBlitz 2007--Lichens, Mosses and Ferns

I really enjoy the moss-liverwort-lichen category. The Pacific North-WET is heaven for these critters, and I'm always amazed at the variations, the colors, the forms, and the biology. Mosses can be difficult to ID(I need to take a class), so my list is not complete or accurate. Lichens are a little easier, but I know I didn't get them all. There are a whole 'nother set of species that grow in treetops as well, so I always check out a freshfallen tree for mosses and lichens.

More moss-lichen-fungus pix:

My Cedar shake roof has collected quite a varied assortment of lichens as well in its 30 years. Another day, another BioBlitz project!

(above)A small portion of the boulder I was going to inventory(but that will have to wait for another day--I promise to do it later, it is a wonder!!).The large leafy lichen is Lungwort. It turns bright green in the rain. Click on the photo to get a sense of the diversity of mosses and lichens--and other parts of the rock have just as many DIFFERENT kinds, all in their preferred climate(sunny, shady, under dry overhanging stuff, in the dark).

I took these pictures of various new-fallen sticks to show how many different kinds of lichens line the branches here.
(above, left to right) Ragbag, Yellow Reindeer Lichen, Beaded Bone

(above, left to right) moss "A", Cetraria platyphylla(purple leafy), Frog Pelt, moss "B"

(above, let to right)Methuselah's Beard, Forking Bone with fruiting body, Platismatia glauca(pale green leafy)

(above, left to right) Ragbag, Sea Tar, Bark Barnacle, Beaded Bone(with fruiting bodies "budding")

(above, left to right) Cladonia sp., moss "B", Methuselah's Beard, Antlered Perfume, Ragbag
Lady Fern(Athryium filix-femina)C, W, E, L to montane
Sword Fern(Polystichum munitum) C, W, L, M
Licorice Fern(polypodium glycrrhiza)C, W, L
Bracken Fern(Pteriduium aquilinum) C, W, E, O, L to sub-alpine

Red Bryum (Bryum miniatum)rock
Plume Moss(Dendroalsia abietina)maple, oak
Tall Clustered Thread Moss (Byrum pseudtriquetrum)
Coastal Leafy Moss(Plagiomnium insigne)
Ribbed Bog Moss (Aulacomnium palustre)
Douglas’Neckera (Neckera douglasii)
Rough Moss(Clapodium crispitolium)
Cat-tail Moss(Isothecium myosuroides)
Curly Thatch Moss(Dicanoweisia cirrata)
Wet Rock Moss (Dichodontium pellucidum)

Common Scissor-leaf Liverwort(Herbertus aduncus)
Tree Ruffle Liverwort (Porella navicularis)

Dust Lichens(Lepraria sp.) various kinds
Cladonia Scales(Cladonia sp) dead oak
Bark Barnacle(Thelotrema lepadinum) C,W
Lettuce Lung (Lobaria oregana) C, W, old growth
Lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria) C, W
Lobaria linita C, W
Frog Pelt (Peltigera neopolydactyla) C, R
Questionable Rock-Frog(Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia) R
Rag Bag (Plantismatia glauca) everywhere
Forking Bone(Hypogymna inactiva) C, O
Beaded Bone (Hypogymnia enteromorpha) C, O
Antlered Perfume (Evernia prunastri) C, W
Devil’s Matchstick (Pilophorus acicularis) R, C, W
Lipstick Cladonia (Cladonia macilenta) C
False Pixie Cup (Cladonia chlorophaea) soil, tree bases
Dragon Cladonia (Cladonia squamosa) ground, decaying wood
Cladonia carneola
Coastal Reindeer (Cladina portentosa) ground
Cladina mitis
Cladina uncialis, dry, well lit O, C
Methuselah’s Beard (Usnea longissima) C, W
Common Christmas Tree (Spaerophorus globosus)
Common Witch’s Hair (Alectoria sarmentosa) C
Parmelia sulcata
Parmeliopsis ambigua
Hypogymnia metaphysodes, C
Pseudicyphellaria anomala
Lecidella euphoria
Lecanora rupicola
Now I'm off to work on Critters!


Bpaul said...

Awesome! Whenever I see these guys I think of tide pools and rocks on the seashore. That rock picture especially brings these images to mind.

Neil said...

Damn. Totally psychedelic.

wyldthang said...

HI! You're right, the lichen/moss collage is very tidepool-ish!

and, for you, neil, you're right too, once you start looking at what's out there, peeling back the layers, all you're left with is exclamations and expletives to express the wonder!!!!

burning silo said...

That's one gorgeous collection of lichen! I've seen some of the lichens and mosses out your way and they're amazing.

Larry said...

I borrowed one of your lichen photos to show to my local blog readers; I've found that they rarely follow links I provide! I hope you don't mind.

Loved the dandelion-picking shot!

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