Thursday, April 19, 2007

BioBlitz 2007--Here's My Blitzee!

I'd like to introduce my Blitzee for this year's BioBlitz. Behind my house lies a heap of rubble, about 3-4 acres in area, the top is just shy of 1000 feet(our house is at 960', and the foot is at about 900'). It is unique in that it is a huge pile of rock, and it is also about 80years into transitioning from oak savannah "back"(or would it be forward?) into the conifer forest of pre human effects. It is a vertical transition(being at the upper elevation boundary of oak habitat), as well as a horizontal one(being at the western edge of the Willamette Valley and boundaries of old native american fire management). There is a push-pull going on between the oaks and the firs(cue Rush's The Trees song, although it's no that big of a fight), and a mix of their respective companion species.

My observations for the BioBlitz have been gathered from the seven years I've been here, looking, listening, watching, walking this place in all weather and seasons. I'll share what I've learned about the geological history(its giant rock pile aspect is unique among the surrounding hills), the human history, and the species who call this hill home.

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