Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wyldthang's LALA Experience

Spring break road trip to LA to treat teenage sons to Paintball Nationals and Magic Mountain.
Silly Oregonians, thinking it would be smooth sailing on the 405 on a Saturday afternoon!
I knew they did oil in LA, but it was still weird to see the workings next to tourist traps and upscale whatever. I liked how the "pristine" beach boardwalk opposite the oil refinery showed up in the window reflection. Kinda creepy.

I found some chainsaw art! Wished I could have taken them all home to stash in my woods.

Here's what a 60$ tent site looks like in Huntington Beach. Notice we are the only ones in a tent site, with an actual 30$ walmart tent. Notice our van is the oldest vehicle in the park, by at least 10 years. At least there wasn't any gum on the ground. And no bedbugs.

Sunset on the pier at Huntington Beach. Wild fractious paintball going on to the left.

Hubby's destination of choice, Guitar Center in Hollywood(with a huge vintage guitar den). The entrance has all these handprints of famous rock n' roll types. Hubby got to play a 1961 Stratocaster, just like the one he lost when a friend "borrowed" it in college. All the 1961's were 30,000$. Hubby occasionally sits in the corner and rocks back n' forth.


Larry said...

Wyldthang goes traveling and takes her readers along! Thanks for images of a part of the country I haven't seen in many years.

burning silo said...

Sixty bucks for a tent site! Wow, that's pretty WYLD if yoy ask me! I think this is one of those trips that I'd rather experience in pictures rather than in real life. (-:

wyldthang said...

Ha! you're right. I think those folks there would be very afraid if they camped where we usually do(like, there's no campsite, in the middle of absolutely nowhere). We were SO GLAD to get outta there! I thought I was going to go "polar"(you know how polar bears go nuts in the zoo without the wide open snowiceocean).