Saturday, March 31, 2007

Going Home, Back through Jefferson, I-5 North

Homeward bound, through the Siskiyous. More pix shot at 65 mph.

This beautiful thistle-pink shrub was in bloom everywhere, especially in the late morning light (I'd love to know what it is?) Every pine needle shone in the sunlight.

Here is a cinder cone of Mount Shasta right next to I-5. It's so pretty with a fresh dusting of snow. I also thought it was kooky how the pavement patch below it mirrors the shape of the cone.
Mount Shasta, with fresh snow. And I caught an I-5 sign(inadvertantly!)
My favorite shot of Mount Shasta...there were some low clouds that ruffled around the base. I enjoyed watching the mountain and clouds change in their balance of light and shadows as my perspective traveled north.
Roadside metal art, a bull--oops it has an udder, so I mean a cow, and a dragon. In my hometown(McMinnville) we have an artist that makes enormous sculptures just like this, amazing horses in all poses, cowboys on horses, mammoths, giant roosters...

Welcome home!

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matt_stansberry said...

Nice road trip! We're in Santa Fe right now, getting into the desert scene.