Thursday, March 29, 2007

Escape From LA

North through the Grapevine(I-5). Relief. Fresh air. No palm trees. No movies stars. No gummy sidewalks. No landscaping. No In-n-Out.A faint tint of Spring. Cattle on a 1000 hills. Dry thirsty land, just the way it was made.
The mystery of dry land shaped by water. Distant small wildflowers seen because they are legion. The delicious specter of the earth ready to rip apart underfoot.


Larry said...

Three landscape photos revive long-dormant memories of driving through southern CA. A fine and evocative photo-essay, Celeste!

Bitterroot said...

Your trip photos are great and your narrative is highly entertaining! Welcome back!

wyldthang said...

Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!