Friday, March 2, 2007

Colors of the Ohanapecosh River Water

Here are some more pix of the Ohanapecosh River in Mount Rainier National Park(see previous post for trail journal). I've never seen a river with so many colors in the water. Even the rocks in the gravel bars are a rainbow of greens, reds, yellows, pale blue and greys(I do admit I took a few home).

Every morning my sister and I would get up about 6am and walk around all the campground loops, savoring the quiet new morning. One morning the water was this beautiful turquoise blue. I wish I knew what caused it. Something happened upstream, or upglacier maybe? (Growing up I remember a similar paler blue in the rivers after a heavy snowmelt). A few hours later the water was back to its more transparent teal color. Of course it was utterly beautiful in real life!
This is a pool we found by taking a deer trail off the main trail. The water was a very intense emerald green(this photo was scanned and didn't translate well). Out of the many pools we saw, only this one had this green. I wish I knew what combination of light and reflection makes this green!
This photo shows how crystal clear the water is, in reality! You can also see the rainbow colors of the rocks, and the pretty ribbons of sunlight and shadow dancing across them.

And here is the deep turquoise/teal blue around the granite boulders.

Again, I'd love to know what combination of things and atmosphere produce these colors. Same water, different light coming through the trees, different light bouncing off different rocks, different depths, different speeds of flow.


burning silo said...

Lovely photos of teh Ohanapecosh River, Celeste. My friend and I had intended to go up and camp there in mid-September last autumn, but the weather turned very bad a couple of days before I arrived out west. We ended up going down through John Day Fossil Beds and points south into N. Calif. and the redwoods. He's been to the Ohanapecosh before and has mentioned how the water can change depending on rainfall and things happening upstream. Maybe I'll get there some day.

Larry said...

Those photos just gladdened my heart, Celeste! Such colors!

The colors remind me of the Caribbean near the coral reefs surrounding the island Cozumel east of the Yucatan peninsula.

Thanks for posting!

Bitterroot said...

What wonderful journeys you're taking us on! I am enjoying the photos and the narratives.

wyldthang said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting! September would be a wonderful time to visit Mt Rainier and Ohanapecosh. Nice and lonesome. The John Day Fossil beds are a place I want to go someday, too.

matt_stansberry said...

I've never seen water like that.