Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yesterday's Walk

Fungus on oak twigs. They remind me of cherry blossoms.
Found this shelf fungus at the base of a maple. I think it might be an Artist's Conk(Ganoderma applanatum)? It is white underneath with white spores.
These little red bugs are everywhere in the shallows of the pond. They're about the size of a sesame seed. (can anybody tell me what they are?)
This young maple tree was scraped badly, probably when we were dragging logs around. It seems to be healing itself well.


burning silo said...

Although it's a little difficult to see the red creatures, I'd say they are a type of Copepod -- probably a species of Diaptomus as they are known for their very long antennae. Here's a link to a photo of some. Here's some info about them. I guess the red ones are most often noticed in vernal pools.

wyldthang said...

Hi Bev, thanks so much for the links! Now I have a name to Google, and the "info" page was great too, I'll enjoy looking at more of that site.