Saturday, February 17, 2007


On the way to the bus stop to get the kids I stopped at this small ravine to poke around, follow the water, slap through ferns. Streams running full after the Noah rain over the past few days...
By molecule rain rises
from the sun-winnowed ocean, and inland falls,
bolting from the lightning-ripped sky.

Drop by drop, rain

burrows deep into the dark,

sluices worm burrows,

licks cleft and crevice,

bursts back into grey day light.

Brown ribbons snap,

snake round root and rock,

slither down gully and gulch,

tangle back into streams, come together

to run away downriver.

And then, in the far gone of the afternoon

emptied clouds drift silent, spent.

The last of the silver streams unlace

from the darkening hills,

braid into final graceful bends before the sea

and slip slowly back into the turning tides.

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