Saturday, February 3, 2007

Rock Love

I'm a rock junkie. Remember Lucille Ball's movie The Long Long Trailer? On her honeymoon trip she picks up (gorgeous!) small boulders from various camping spots. She planned to put them in her garden to remember the trip. Desi Arnaz ends up chucking them over a cliff. I don't get to score boulders, but I do bring home rocks from our own trips to put in the garden. Rocks are a very vibrant memory touchstone for me, and besides that, I love rocks.

This one is a chunk of serpentine from the coast range of California, in Clear Creek ORV Area(awesome place to go rock hunting!!) When it is dry it is a varied sage green, with a soapstone sort of greasy texture. When it is wet with a little rain, some of the greens turn blue. Serpentine comes from very, very deep within the earth, where it was formed. I loved that little red spot, I think it is some sort of scale bug attached to the rock, hibernating(?)

Clockwise from upper left: back obsidian from China Hat Butte, East Fort Rock ORV, near Bend, OR/ chunk of basalt from home, serpentine from same as above, quartzy type from Tillamook State Forest, OR/granite with black mica flakes from Lake Wenatchee, east side of Cascades, WA/rosy-milky-quartzy from Tillamook State Forest/another quartz-looking pice from Tillamook State Forest/white quarts from Lake Wenatchee.


burning silo said...

Wonderful photos! You must have a nice collection of rocks. Oregon and northern CA are great places to be a rock junkie. An Oregon friend and I have wandered off on a couple of adventures photographing rocks and rivers in both places. He and I are both rock junkies too. Needless to say, I have a few keepsakes from our journeys. I love the serpentine from the Siskiyous. Beautiful stuff. -- Bev from Burning Silo

wyldthang said...

HI bev, I think it's that subduction zone and all that "liquid hot mag-ma" bubbling up ;0)