Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lil' Sprouts

The Dovefoot Geranium is sprouting everywhere in the shady places. Here are some sprouts in a pine cone(Jeffrey Pine? Coulter Pine? I picked it up at a rest stop near Mt Shasta). The first leaf from the seed is a pretty coral pink. When the plants die off in the summer, the leaves turn the same shade of pink(very pretty en masse). It is a non-native species introduced from Europe. Apparently the leaves are shaped "just like" dove feet. Hmmmm--why not Juncofoot Geranium, Ravenfoot...? I'll have to check out the Mourning Dove's feet when they return in the spring--they like to hang out and lick salt from the well outflow in the driveway.

Go check out the Earth-themed photos at for the Good Planet blog carnival.


matt_stansberry said...

That's amazing. Makes me feel bad that my Canon is out of commission right now.

Bitterroot said...

What a wonderful blog you have! Thanks for providing the link; I'll be back regularly.

cyndy said...

What a beautiful image!