Monday, February 5, 2007

Gutter Compost

When we moved in almost six years ago now, I cleaned out the gutters. Yesterday I did it again, and got almost a wheelbarrow-load of rich soil and mulch from 30' gutter(and the gutters were none the worse for wear). Little blue earthworms wriggled sleepily--are they blue because they are "hibernating", or are they a blue worm? (there is a worm under my pointy finger) You can see this gutter ain't hard to clean out--it's only 18" off the ground(the beauty of an a-frame roof!)
SO how do the worms get from the soil below to the gutter above? Foreign objects found in gutter--rubber tub stopper with chain, blue broken electic train boxcar, tent peg, dead balloon, plastic easter egg.

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