Sunday, February 18, 2007

Frog Eggs, Frog Eggs, Roly Poly Frog Eggs

Today I found a globe of Red Legged Frog eggs in the pond. It hangs down under the water to about 6" deep. Each egg has a dark center surrounded by a small clear marble sized sack. There are air bubbles caught around the edges. If you'd like to see a photo of the proud mama or papa(sort of), go to February 11. Over the next few weeks other globes will come into being, and the dark centers will grow teeny tails. And then poof! TADPOLES!

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Bitterroot said...

Celeste, I really lingered over your blog this morning, and took the time to send that Barry Lopez quote about the land to some friends. Since returning to Wisconsin from the southwest, I've felt somewhat locked in, physically and psychically, by brutally cold temperatures and forbidding skies. The world you are describing, with the frogs, ferns, and flowing water, is delightful to experience. I enjoy your poetry as well.