Friday, February 9, 2007

An Ansel Day

It's probably no surprise I'm a fan of Ansel Adams. Today began in fog, with the top of the clouds just beyond the treetops. The sun would brighten and fade, and finally the sky cleared to grey and gray. A certain species of moss glowed an electric green despite the grey. More frogs are waking up in the bush, croaking yawns. Chipmunk burrows are freshly opened. A few sparrows try out their spring songs. Great light to think in black and white.

leaf buds harden
small stony fists defy
icy winter winds

Saw a cool bumbersticker: EARTH (I want a t-shirt!!!)
Coming home from town today I saw a flock of canada geese school in the sky. They arranged and rearranged themselves in long angled lines, slowly circling over the lush fields of newly sprouted winter wheat and hay. Despite having no "head", or obvious leader, the flock changed direction, swirling as one, without crashing, butting heads, or rear-ending each other.

one thousand geese fly
in one mind, bantering
dark rippled ribbons

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Scott said...

You know I never saw Art in Earth before.

Great post