Thursday, February 8, 2007


On the east face of a small boulder by the Cougar Tree--a myriad of lichens, let me count their ways. The rock(a big bubble of basalt) the size of a bale of hay. This first photo is an area just off the ground.
This photo was taken near the top of the boulder. Mosses, lichens(all three kinds), liverworts, a small Licorice Fern.
Soon I'll take my field guides up there and do an inventory. But for now, I'll be content to wonder at the variety of life on this one boulder.

From "Walking" by Henry D Thoreau---
"Nothing can equal the serenity of their lives. Their coat of arms is simply a lichen. I saw it painted on the pines and oaks. Their attics were in the tops of the trees. They are of no politics. There was no noise of labour. I did not perceive that they were weaving or spinning. Yet I did detect, when the wind lulled and hearing was done away, the finest imaginable sweet musical hum,—as of a distant hive in May, which perchance was the sound of their thinking."

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cyndy said...

So lush, so beautiful...